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When it comes to running a community, no one knows the needs and wants of the homeowners more than the Board of Directors. Sometimes, board members will find that the best thing for their community is to self-manage the day-to-day running of the Association.

Over at Boardline Academy, we’ve partnered with an HOA board member who has personal experience with self-managing their board. Join us to hear their story and how self-managing their board helped the neighborhood cool off for the summer.

To get a better picture of how the Board managed the situation check this story out:

Experiences of an HOA Board Lifer

Although not all communities should choose to use a management company you should also think about the risks of self-managing your HOA and the ways JellyBird HOA can help you differently. If you’re not sure whether you need help visit us here to learn more about what we offer homeowners and HOA board members!