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While dogs and cats bring joy to so many homeowners, they can also be the source of a community’s biggest headache. When homeowners aren’t mindful of picking up after their beloved, four-legged companions, it can quickly create an issue that perturbs the whole neighborhood.

Over at Boardline Academy, you can hear an HOA board member’s personal experience with pet clean-up in their community. Hear their thoughts on what they do when faced with this situation and the steps they take to ensure that their dogs are always a welcome sight in their neighbor’s eyes.

It is important to be aware of these pet rules especially if you’re a pet owner. To know more about these rules visit:

Pet Owners can be Great Neighbors too.

We hope these ideas help you get the cleanup process moving along quickly. Make sure your HOA has a policy in place that expressly states expectations pertaining to pet ownership and responsibility. Encourage all pet owners to be responsible and to clean up after their pets every time! For more help with pet, policies visit JellyBird HOA Blogs today!