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Whether you live in a small neighborhood with just a few streets or a large subdivision, it’s likely that you’ve faced one of the most common issues for an HOA—street parking. As a neighborhood grows, so does the number of cars that each new homeowner brings with them. Without proper parking regulations in place, this could lead to a street lined with vehicles, which can result in disputes over blocked driveways—or safety issues due to lack of visibility.

We’ve partnered with an HOA board member to have them share their personal experience with street parking. Join us over at Boardline Academy to hear their tips on how to clear the streets in your community.

To learn more about HOA Parking policies visit: Multiple Vehicles with Nowhere to Park

Though parking enforcement is often a sticky issue for homeowners in HOA communities, open communication, and clearly defined rules will help to considerably cut down on resident confusion and contention. If you need help managing parking violations in your community, we at JellyBird HOA are here to help!