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One of the main functions of an HOA is to protect the value of the homes within the neighborhood. It’s no secret that communities with plenty of curb appeal have an easier time maintaining property values. With that in mind, here are some tips on keeping your community a desirable place to live.

Utilize Committees

A vital tool for helping maintain curb appeal within a community is to establish committees to assist with this effort.

Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

The purpose of an ACC is help keep homes within the community looking beautiful and to preserve the consistent look and feel across all homes. They do this by overseeing and enforcing the design guidelines of the community.

Landscaping Committee

Establishing a landscaping committee is a great way for an HOA to utilize the green thumbs of its association members. The landscaping committee can help with the upkeep and design of community common areas as well as helping oversee the community’s landscape vendor.

Work Together

Schedule a community-wide spring clean-up with residents and provide refreshments as a fun incentive. A neighborhood-wide clean-up will not only bring homeowners together with a sense of community, but it will also help them take pride in the place they call their home. A neighborhood clean-up is also a great time to share guidelines related to landscaping and front yard decorations.

Keep Residents Informed and Engaged

By keeping residents informed and updated on the community’s guidelines for outdoor improvements and changes, you can help avoid any accidental violations. Keep the community’s guidelines on your HOA’s website and keep it fresh in your residents’ minds by linking to it in a community newsletter.

Additionally, incentives are a great way to engage homeowners in maintaining the curb appeal for their homes. By hosting “Yard of the Month” contests as well as holiday decorating contests, you can offer fun incentives for homeowners that have well-manicured lawns or the most festive holiday decorations.

Maintain Community Common Areas

Whether your association has a pool, gates, or all of the above, each reflect on the value that your community offers. Keeping these areas clean and well-maintained is vital to the curb appeal of your community.

Outdoor Lighting

Regularly check common area lights to ensure that they are in proper, working order and encourage homeowners to maintain outdoor lighting on their homes. Not only does outdoor lighting make your community more welcoming but also greatly increases safety for all residents.


When you think of curb appeal, landscaping is often one of the first things that comes to mind—and there’s a good reason for that! Landscaping can elevate your common areas while setting the tone of your neighborhood.

Work with your landscaping committee or landscaping vendor to ensure that all landscaping is regularly trimmed and maintained and that your green areas have year-round appeal by implementing the proper perennials and annuals.

Power Wash and Paint

When it comes to outdoor common areas, weathering is unavoidable. Over time, paint can either fade or get chipped and grime can build up on sidewalks, exterior buildings, and roofs. Keep your common areas looking fresh by regularly refreshing paint or power washing outdoor surfaces as needed.

We hope that these tips assist you in keeping your neighborhood a clean, desirable place to live. By regularly checking in with the beauty of your community, you can ensure that great curb appeal is maintained all year long!