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Fireworks are synonymous with summer holidays. While fireworks can add a beautiful pop of color or spark of light to any celebration, it’s important that you keep in mind safety rules when using fireworks near your home.

Each year, fireworks are responsible for both fires and property damage. Before utilizing fireworks to add excitement to your summer activities, be sure to review our following tips on how to keep your home and property safe.

  • Follow the rules: Be sure to check all local and state laws (including your association’s governing documents) regarding fireworks to ensure that they are not banned in your area. Also, keep an eye out for any potential burn bans.
  • Wet any bark around your home: If you have decorative bark in your yard, know that it is important to keep bark wet around any sparks or flames. If dry bark were to ignite, it could smolder for up to 4 hours before ever catching fire, potentially long after your festivities have ended.
  • Be careful of where you point: Never point fireworks toward your house, other people, or trees. Also, avoid directing your fireworks into your neighbor’s property.
  • Keep water handy: Have a bucket of water ready for extinguishing fireworks and another ready for putting out any potential sparks or flames.
  • Remove dry brush and debris from around your home: To avoid any fire hazards, be sure to remove any dry brush or debris from your yard, garden, and gutters prior to setting off any fireworks.
  • Use your sprinklers: If lighting fireworks on grass, place a sprinkler nearby to keep grass wet and safe.
  • Never light indoors: Always light fireworks outside and at a safe distance from your home. Even the smallest fireworks are a fire hazard.
  • Remember your roof: Be wary of potential firework debris landing on your (or your neighbor’s) roof. Some fireworks will still be burning as they fall, which could lead to potential, costly damage to your roof.
  • Keep your pets in mind: Protect your furry friend’s emotional and physical health by having them safely secured in the house when using fireworks. If your pet is particularly sensitive to loud noise, a Thunder Shirt might help them stay calm during your festivities.
  • Keep distance from your car: Fireworks can damage car paint. Avoid igniting fireworks near your car. If your driveway is the safest place for you to light your fireworks, make sure your car is parked in your garage or on the street a safe distance away.
  • Do not use illegal or homemade fireworks: While fireworks look beautiful as they light up the night sky, you must remember that they are explosives. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by only using fireworks that were obtained from a safe, reputable source.
  • Be a good neighbor: To help ensure a peaceful environment once the festivities are over, keep your neighbors in mind. Certain individuals (young children, veterans with PTSD, etc.) and pets may be sensitive to the loud sounds emitted by fireworks. By giving your neighbors advance warning of your plans to use fireworks, they can make accommodations as needed.

While it is important to ensure that your property is fully protected during firework season, it’s also vital to protect yourself and your loved ones from any potential injury or harm. For tips on staying safe while handling fireworks, check out SpectrumAM’s article on general firework safety.