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One of the most exciting things about the New Year, is the potential it brings! While you are writing your personal resolutions for 2023, we encourage you to set some goals for your community as well. Being intentional about taking care of your HOA and fellow residents can have positive lasting effects on your association.

Get to know your neighbors

Not sure where to start when setting goals for your community? Building connections within your HOA is a simple resolution that anyone can achieve. Start the year off right by re-introducing residents to their board members and encourage homeowners to spend time saying hello and getting to know their neighbors.

Besides building community, knowing your neighbor maintains the safety of your HOA. When neighbors know each other, they can watch for anyone who shouldn’t be in the area.

Schedule community acts of kindness

Scheduling acts of kindness are just one of many ways you can get residents more involved in the community.

Here are a few your HOA can try this year:

  1. Starting an association-wide food chain for neighbors in need. There are so many people that can be helped by just a few meals. Foster a nurturing neighborhood with a meal train.
  2. Organize neighborhood playdates/park days. Parents want to know their children are safe. Bringing families together to enjoy the outdoors of your community while building relationships with other families is just the thing to help create that sense of safety.
  3. Look for volunteer opportunities within the surrounding community. Neighbors who volunteer together, stay together! Many local charities, and events, need help planning and operating their organizations, choose one that makes sense to your HOA.

Maintain a clean and beautiful community

Homeowners want a clean community to live in. Encourage residents to be mindful of picking up their pet’s waste, throwing away trash on the ground, and getting involved in some early spring cleaning! For larger projects, consider having a community yard sale to help residents get rid of all their unwanted items.

It’s never too early for homeowners to begin submitting ACC applications for home improvement projects! Even something as small as planting fresh flowers, or painting the window trim, can have a huge impact on an HOA’s overall look and feel.

Plan Community Events

If your association doesn’t already, hosting events will help build relationships among residents and cultivate strong communities. Create excitement for homeowners to get involved and attend HOA hosted events. Find occasions that make sense for the community to celebrate, then set a date, involve residents by sending reminders and offering volunteer opportunities, and then enjoy a fun time surrounded by community.

Ready to start the year off on a festive foot? Check out our article Spring Events to Bring Your HOA Community Together.

Encourage board meeting participation

Homeowners will feel more inclined to attend and participate in board meetings when their HOA is open and communicative about meeting times and details. Encourage residents to be in attendance of meetings by letting them know when meetings are happening and by sending follow-up reminders to help prompt participation.

Also consider scheduling time during meetings for homeowners to speak. Homeowners want to know their board cares and is listening! Knowing this allows residents to feel more inclined to listen and rely on their board in turn.

Have an emergency plan and know your local authorities

There is no better time than now to learn who to contact in case of an emergency. Pest control, animal control, non-emergency Police, the Firehouse, and other such numbers, can be a helpful tool for all residents to know.

It is also helpful to have a plan in place in case of emergencies. Come up with a detailed plan with your board, of what the community will do in the event of any disturbances. This also might be the time to consider your HOA’s reserve fund. Unexpected expenses are always bound to crop up throughout the year, having financial security for your neighborhood could make all the difference when something does happen.

For more information, check out our article Creating an Emergency Management Plan for Your HOA Community.

It is never too late to set goals for you and your association! Jumping into 2023 with New Year’s resolutions for your HOA is a great way to start off the year, build relationships, and improve your community as a whole! Learn more about JellyBird HOA Management and what sets us apart from the competition today, and download our app on your mobile device.