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Running an HOA isn’t always easy, but it also doesn’t have to be difficult. That’s where JellyBird comes in. With the general trend toward mobile use and the preference for self-service options, we aim to provide you with resources and guidance to operate your HOA in the most accessible and manageable way: with technology.


JellyBird offers board member consultation, providing accounting and self-service tools to help you keep your HOA functioning efficiently and seamlessly. We specialize in the following services for your benefit:


JellyBird App

Our specialized app focuses on providing accessibility for board members and homeowners alike. Board members can easily review financials, violations, and outstanding tasks, as well as manage ACC requests. Homeowners can access account information, make payments, and check violations and ACC requests. Your HOA needs can be satisfied right from the comfort of your phone. The app is available on both iOS App Store and Google Play.


Knowledge Base

While we don’t have call centers or live chat for homeowners to contact our employees, we’ve built, and continue to expand, an extensive knowledgebase resource for homeowners to troubleshoot any problems and find the answers to their questions all on their own. Since our knowledgebase is equipped with the latest technology, your homeowners’ questions and concerns get paired with the correct answers more quickly and efficiently. Homeowners can still email us, but the knowledgebase resource provides virtually immediate results, leaving them, and you, happier.



We also offer resources to streamline the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) processes. Our exclusive online experience guides homeowners through submitting ACC requests quickly, simply, and easily. Since undergoing improvements, we maintain increased approval response times, keeping homeowners satisfied and in the loop.

Additionally, we’ve implemented the ACC One-Touch system to further simplify the ACC submission process. For certain requests that meet certain predetermined criteria, the response time is even more drastically reduced.

While the industry average is several weeks, the average response time for customers who use ACC One-Touch is one-two days! Our quickened process allows homeowners to complete their projects uninterrupted.


Boardline Academy

As another resource, we offer specialized board member training through one of our partners, Boardline Academy.

With a wide array of course topics and various features including interactive videos and quizzes, downloadable reference guides, and badges, achievements, and certificates for progress tracking, Boardline operates on an overall user-friendly interface to make board member education engaging and fun!

Boardline also offers boardroom group forums for discussions as well as a regularly updated blog with current HOA tips and information. Boardline’s course catalog includes website orientation and overviews of HOA basics and insurance, as wells as courses dedicated to finances, risk management, business ethics, meeting etiquette and procedures, and more!


Other Tools

In addition to the above resources, JellyBird also offers other tools to make your role as a board member easier and more efficient. We provide Zoom meeting rooms for board meetings to connect board members remotely and safely. We also have an email ticket system for homeowners, so you don’t have to answer the same questions over and over. Additionally, with our online board portal, you can manage HOA business right from your desktop or phone. From improvement requests to finances to task management, you can keep the HOA running effectively without having to leave your house!


At JellyBird, we strive to help you build your board member toolbox in order to manage your HOA successfully. With our advanced technology options, your HOA really is at your fingertips!