High-Tech and Uncomplicated Technology Solutions for Your Community

The 20th century ended over 20 years ago. You deserve to have a modern HOA experience that brings constant results.

Your management company should bring affordable, cutting-edge technological solutions to your everyday HOA tasks. We had you in mind when we created our suite of services – compare today and see if anyone else can create our all-in-one experience. We bring new ways to do eblasting, customer support, board meetings, and organizing HOA information.

HOA Mobile App

Instant access. With JellyBird’s HOA app, you and your homeowners can get everything you need – right from the phone in your pocket.


We use a state-of the-art tracking to log, track, and resolve every inquiry. We take analyze the data regularly to measure performance throughout our organization.

ACC Submission

We’ve created an industry-breaking ACC submission process so your homeowners can get the approvals they need faster than ever before. Simple and easy. Everything that an ACC request should be.

SSO Identity Verification Platform

Our best security feature, hands down! We use an industry-leading platform that provides secure access to our internal data and customer accounts – keeping your data safe!

Print Management

We’re all about moving to a more environmentally friendly, earth-first mindset, so we use a printing service that tracks print jobs and reduces waste.

Message Center

Talk to your homeowners in a way that’s fast, easy, and protects your privacy. Our app features a message center that allows homeowners to send you questions and concerns and keeps them organized. You can keep your phone number private and still provide a wonderful customer experience for your members.

Email Archiving

We save your association’s emails – forever. If you ever find yourself needing to reference old emails, we cannot tell you when the email was sent and who received it.

Website Hosting

We use a proprietary firewall with our website hosting that is designed to only allow certain types of traffic. To ensure data security and create an even better browsing experience, we also use Disk Write Protection, Disk Write Limitations, and secure backups.

Customer Onboarding Tool

When we welcome customers to the JellyBird family, it’s for keeps. So, we make sure to leave a good first impression by utilizing a unique tracking tool enabling us to complete 160+ tasks it takes to set a new association up as soon as possible.

Online Board Meetings

You shouldn’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to do HOA business. We’ve created an HOA management experience that protects your precious time. With us, you’ll never have to pay for a location or drive to a physical location.

Advanced Homeowner Experience

We’ve created a one-stop shopping experience where your members can pay their bills, receive vital information regarding their community, communicate with their board members, and receive the support they need to complete their HOA business.

Portfolio Management

To help us make sure you’re getting your association needs met, we’ve created a portfolio management tool that helps us manage your needs and association’s progress.

SOP Tool

The best companies are the ones who can manage many tasks with focus and dedication. To complete the tasks your association needs done, we’ve created a system that catalogues and standardizes the training process. The end result? You can always expect the same results for every task.

Company Intranet

We utilize an intranet specifically designed to house our training and communication resources. The intranet platform we use is an industry-leading platform utilized by several leading HOA management companies – we might be small, but we make a point to use top HOA technology.

Email Tools

We make sure that you’re always able to receive information from us when you need to stay in touch. To contact homeowners regarding their community, we’ve partnered with CINC Systems to use their text-based email system. To deliver more direct and custom messages (usually to our board members), we utilize an AWS hosted service.

Enhanced Site Visits

Your community’s property values are largely determined by the look and feel of your community. To give you instant feedback, we employ a high-tech, iPad-based solution when we’re reviewing deed restriction compliance within your community. We can quickly document and communicate our observations. It’s simple, yet effective.

We make communicating deed compliance issues with your homeowners easier, too, with a respectful letter that encourages community buy-in.

ACC/ARC Voting System

You deserve to be with a company who makes the entire home improvement process easy. We created a way you can see improvement requests on the app and take immediate action. Delivering timely resolutions via an efficient voting system keeps members happy.

Online Voting

Our online voting process simplifies finding your community’s next leaders. Our boards use online voting to elect board members and poll the community’s preferences on upcoming decisions. You won’t ever miss quorum!

Mass Texting Messaging

Texting is the easiest (and fastest) way to get information to your homeowners. You can deliver information promptly and can feel confident that your homeowners have the most essential details.


Our app is equipped with a cutting-edge technology. One of your app’s best features is a knowledgebase we designed to reduce the number of questions homeowners ask you. It gives members more information than ever before and features smart technology that pairs questions with correct answers quickly.

Your homeowners can have their questions, concerns, and most needed resources at their fingertips – saving you a lot of time.

Recurring Online Payments

Receiving your much-needed revenue is easy with our auto-renewal assessment system.  Your homeowners will now have a convenient way to pay their assessments and your association will receive a consistent revenue. Win-win!

Mass Broadcast Emails

You can send same-day messages. Our mass broadcast email feature helps you communicate quickly with precision thanks to our communications experts who review your messages before sending it.

App Forms

Your homeowners have specific needs, and we’ve built hyper-focused, high-tech tools to solve those problems. Offering a series of highly targeted services helps you (and us) resolve your homeowners concerns quickly.